Say "NO" to an unfair grocery tax in Oakland.

Who We Are

No Oakland Grocery Tax is a coalition of concerned citizens, businesses and community organizations that oppose a new grocery tax.

What We Believe

This is not just a beverage tax — it is a grocery tax. If this proposal passes, distributors would be forced to pay an additional penny per ounce on certain beverages like soft drinks, juice drinks and teas. Many stores could decide to finance the tax by increasing prices on grocery items across the board. That means whether you purchase these beverages or not, you could be seeing a big impact on your grocery bill. At a time when middle- and low-income people are struggling to afford being able to live in Oakland, we shouldn’t be increasing taxes on groceries.

The fact remains that voters in cities throughout the country have rejected taxes on common grocery items like beverages because they are regressive and hurt small businesses, cost jobs and harm the most those who can least afford to pay even a penny more on their grocery bills. Oakland residents have higher priorities for city government than regulating our food and beverage choices. Our elected leaders should be focused on public safety, homelessness, education, keeping our streets and parks clean, and addressing the housing affordability gap.

Join us as an individual or as an organization.